TV Land

Network Rebrand

Role – Motion Director

Studio – Gretel

Just Good TV

TV Land is the home of television’s all-time hits and modern classics. As a network it brings together some of our most favorite storylines and characters. Our challenge was to bring back the old TV Land attitude through a modern lens. The underlying theme of the rebrand was ‘All in the mix’; a fun and inclusive system that is in-the-know for tv fans. The treatment is inspired by offset printing, where assets are overlayed and combined creating richer visuals.

Motion Language

Four core principles were developed to support the theme of ‘All in the mix’ – where imagery, footage and messaging came together as a digital collage, representing the depth of content on TV Land.

Activation: All type and imagery cuts on.
Nothing ever transforms in opacity,
elements are always physical.

Stagger: Elements are delayed in choreography.

Punctuation: Emphasis is added through
scale and inverting the color palette for contrast.

Offset: Elements nudge and lock into place.
Characters & props physically shift off-register. 

Company: Gretel
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Associate Creative Director: Matt Delbridge
Motion Director: Ben Nichols
Designers: Andy Keating, Zoe Lin, Adam Lowe, Elaan Bourne, Isabelle Allard
Animators: Johannes Geier, Naoko Hara, Andrew Stubbs Johnston, John Choi, Chieh Yen
Producers: Claire Banks, Kerry Griner

© Benjamin Nichols