The Jim Jefferies Show

Show Open and Graphics Package

Role – Art Direction

Studio – Trollbäck+Company

A Weekly Dose of Jim

Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies brings his global perspective to the late night format, as he tackles larger issues in today's social climate. As part of the show I helped design it’s logo, package elements and the show open. The opening sequence reflects the fact that there are two sides to the story, what's on the surface and the deeper narrative (according to Jim). The open was designed to be updated week to week, as new stories unfold in the public eye.

Pitch Direction 01: The Weekly Discussion

Pitch Direction 02: The Two Sides of Every Story

Company: Trollbäck+Company
Creative Direction: Elliott Chaffer
Art Direction, Design & Animation: Benjamin Nichols
Design: Pat King
Producers: Suzie Cimato & Shannon Moore

© Benjamin Nichols